Which sites are the bests for chess betting?

Which sites are the bests for chess betting? post thumbnail image

Players play chess for many years and today the professional players made this game into an amazing betting opportunity. Like the other sports events, chess betting is not common. A small and devoted love this strategic game. The players can enjoy the game by giving a small amount of money on this game. Here we are going to recommend some trusted betting sites:


Unibet was established in the year of 1999 and started its betting service in the year of 2003. This online site offers a great selection of betting markets for top chess matches. The sponsor of this site is world chess champion, Magnus Carlson. This site offers customer service to its customers for 24 hours.

This site expanded its business to more than 100 countries. One can enjoy the live stream of his favorite sports here. Unibet offers various deposit options such as Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard, and many other options. This site strictly prohibited the usage of credit cards till 2020. The newcomers can get a £40 welcome offer by placing a bet of £20.

Chess club

This site is one of the best online sites for chess lovers. If any player signs up for the account, he will get a free trial for one month.  The players cannot play this game for real cash but they can earn money by referring other players to the chess club. If your referred person buys a club membership, he will get points. This site pays this money through Paypal account in USD currency.

MBChess comMBChess.com

The players can win real cash playing chess here. The players must attain the age of 18. Below 18 players can join this site but they cannot play for money. The players can win cash by inviting their friends and family members.

Chess com

After joining this site, the chess players get the opportunity to enhance their skills following some tools on this site. This site started its operation in the year 2005 by Erik and Jay. Surprisingly, this site is not located physically.

Game colony

The land-based chess matches are organized on this site. This site started its operation in 1999. The players can join this site paying some real money and win some real cash rewards. The players can use credit or debit cards or PayPal accounts for buying tickets for matches. The collected funds are used for the prize pool. The winner gets a portion of it and the chess casino takes a part of it.

Chess betting events

Chess is played every day. But not all events allow betting. Some of them have odds. That means the players can place a bet on the result of the game on some of the biggest events such as:

  • Chess world championship. This championship is held two times a year, which are in September and October. The world chess championship and women’s world chess championship are held separately. There are 12 matches organized in this tournament.
  • Grand chess tour. This biggest event is organized from August and September. Some of the biggest events such as the chess classic Romania, the Croatia Grand Chess Tour, the Paris grand chess tour, the London chess classic, and many more.
  • Chess Olympiad. In August, the players are invited from all over the world. There are 4 teams in this game both men and women.