Overview of chess achievements

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Chess is a complicated and complex game. Many players participate in tournaments, matches. Some win the game and some lose the match. This famous game originated in India in the 7th century. But now this game has spread all over the world. Now this game has become one of the most famous sports in the world.chess match

There are many chess records associated with this game. The records motivate the players to compete for greatness. Now we are going to discuss some chess records briefly here which cannot be broken for many decades. It can be an inspiring event for chess lovers doing something great.

Chess recordschess records

  • Emanuel Lasker became the world chess champion for 26 years and 337 days.
  • The chess player Mikhail Tal played 95 successive matches without a loss in 1973-1974. He won 46 matches and 49 draws among the 95 matches.
  • The oldest chess player Jane Lady Carew who lived 104 years.
  • Arthur Dake, the oldest grandmaster, was playing the chess tournaments at the age of 89. But later it can be seen that the famous grandmaster Enrico Paoli played his last latch at the age of 94.
  • The chess computer device, named Houdini, is the strongest chess computer. The rating of it is 3300.
  • The chess player, named Sergey Karjakin became the grandmaster when he was only 12 years 7 months. In that time, he completed his 3rd and final GM norm at the international match in Sudak. He is considered the youngest grandmaster in the world.
  • The longest game in the chess world was held in Israel in 1980. The game was organized between Stepak and Mashian. The duration of this game was 24hours 30 minutes.
  • The highest live rating winner is Magnus Carlsen. His achieved rating was 2878.9 in 2013.
  • In 1935-36, there was the largest chess tournament organized by USSR trade unions. There was a 7lakhs audience in this game.
  • The chess player Bobby Fischer has the highest performance rating in the world. Because the chess player Bent Larsen lost to him and the rating of Fischer was 3080.
  • The 26 aged chess player Lasker played with 58 aged players Steinitz. This is the largest age gap in the world championship match.
  • Iranian player Ehsan Ghaem Maghami played with 604 opponents and made a record of the most simultaneous players in the world. Among 604 games, he won 580 games, lost 8 games, and made 16 draws.
  • The youngest player whose age was 9 years 3 months became the winner against grandmaster Larry Kaufman in the Washington International tournament. He is the youngest player who could defeat the grandmaster.
  • There was a chess tournament organized in Ahmedabad, India. In 2010, 20500 players participated in this game. The world champion Viswanathan Anand was the guest for this event.
  • The famous software company that developed the chess computer, named Deep Blue, first time became the winner against Garry Kasparov in 1997. This was the first win of the chess computer against the chess expert.