World Senior Team Championships
Categories 50+ and 65+
23 April – 3 May 2017
Hersonissos, Crete – GREECE


1. Invitation

This is the official invitation to all national chess federations of the World Chess Federation (FIDE) to participate in the World Senior Team Championships for men and women born in the year 1967 or earlier. The championships will be held in Hersonissos, Crete, on the southern coast of the Aegean Sea. The dates are 23 April (arrivals, technical meeting) to 3 May 2017 (departures).

2. Playing Venue

The games will take place in the conference center of the 5-star Creta Maris Resort, 24 km east of Heraklion airport. Creta Maris is an excellent holiday destination, in front of a wonderful sandy beach on the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean Sea.

3. Tournament Schedule
Arrivals / Technical meeting:  Sunday 23 April 19:00
Round 1: Monday 24 April 15:00
Round 2: Tuesday 25 April 15:00
Round 3: Wednesday 26 April 15:00
Round 4: Thursday 27 April 15:00
Round 5: Friday 28 April 15:00
Round 6: Saturday 29 April 15:00
Round 7: Sunday 30 April 15:00
Round 8: Monday 01 May 15:00
Round 9: Tuesday 02 May 10:30
Prize Awards: Tuesday 02 May 17:00
Departures: Wednesday 03 May By 12:00


4. Technical Regulations

4.1. FIDE rated Swiss system in 9 rounds. Each team shall consist of 4 players in fixed order. Additionally, 1 reserve player can be nominated who is only allowed to play on board 4.

Teams from every eligible member federation of FIDE can participate. The teams may represent a national federation or any regional structure of a national federation. All players must be members of the same federation (same FIDE identification, i.e.: GER, NED, GRE, RUS, etc.).

Entitled to participate in the category 50+ are players who were born in the year 1967 or earlier. Entitled to participate in the category 65+ are players who were born in the year 1952 or earlier.

4.2. There will be two separate team championships for categories 50+ and 65+.

In each category, a separate championship for women teams shall be organised only if there are at least 10 women teams in each category. Otherwise the women’s event will be merged with men (open), establishing separate rankings for the women teams within the final standings of the combined event.

4.3. A provisional nomination of the 4 players and the reserve player has to be submitted together with the registration of the team by 23 February 2017. Changes in the team can be made until the Technical Meeting takes place before the start of the 1st round. The start ranking list will be determined by the average rating (board 1-4) of every team.

4.4. Time limit per player: 90 minutes for 40 moves + 30 min. for the rest of the game + 30’’ increment for every move starting from move one. A player forfeits the game if he hasn’t appeared at his board within 30 minutes after the start of the game.

4.5. The final team standings are based on the number of match points (win = 2 match points, draw = 1 match point, loss = 0 match points).

Tie break criteria for team standings in order of priority: a) the greater sum of game points; b) direct encounter of the teams involved in the tie (if all tied teams have played each other); c) Buchholz Cut 1; d) Buchholz; e) the greater sum of Sonneborn-Berger: match points of each opponent team (cut 1) x game points scored against them.

4.6. Board prizes are awarded for the best performance rating of players. Eligible for the individual performance awards are players who have played in at least 70% of the rounds (for basic players) or 50% of the rounds (for reserve players). The highest performance rating wins. In case of a tie, it shall be broken in order of priority by: a) the result(s) of their direct encounter (if all played each other); b) number of games (the highest number wins); c) percentage score (the highest number wins); d) final ranking of a team (the player in the highest ranked team wins).

4.7. The Appeals Committee will be elected during the Technical Meeting of 23 April.


5. Prize Fund (total: 10.000 euros)


50+ category: 1st team: €1.300, 2nd team: €900, 3rd team: €600, 4th team: €500, 5th team: €400. 1st women team: €600, 2nd women: €400, 3rd women: €300.

65+ category: 1st team: €1.300, 2nd team: €900, 3rd team: €600, 4th team: €500, 5th team: €400. 1st women team: €600, 2nd women: €400, 3rd women: €300.

Trophies and medals will also be awarded to the 3 top winning teams in each category. Additional prizes (cups & medals) in each board for the 3 top individual board winners as well.


6. Titles – Qualifications

6.1. The winning teams of the World Senior Team Championships 50+ and 65+ will be awarded respectively the title “World Senior Team Champion 2017”.

6.2. The best women teams of the World Senior Team Chess Championships 50+ and 65+ will be awarded respectively the title “World Senior Women Team Champion 2017”.


7. Accommodation packages in the 5-star Creta Maris Resort (official hotel)

According to FIDE regulations, all delegations must be registered and booked in the official hotel through the Organising Committee. All packages include accommodation for 10 nights per person in the

5-star Creta Maris Resort, daily full board with breakfast, lunch and dinner, free WiFi internet access and free use of hotel pools for the following prices:

  • 580 euros total per person in a double room for 10 nights
  • 790 euros total per person in a single room for 10 nights

7.1. Additional nights are possible upon request and in proportional discount.

7.2. Every participating team and all national delegations have to register through the Organising Committee. Registrations and visa invitations are made only through the Organising Committee. The above offers are guaranteed for registrations and bookings up to 23 February 2017. After the deadline of 23 February, registrations may be offered at an increased cost and only upon availability.

7.3. A registration fee of 30 euros per person should be paid directly to the Organisers.

7.3. The FIDE entry fee of 100 euros per team should be paid directly to FIDE before the start of round 2.


8. Flights / Transportation

The nearest airport is Heraklion (IATA code: HER), 24 km east of Creta Maris. Upon request, the organisers can provide bus transportation from Heraklion airport to Creta Maris, with return included, for the dates 23 April (arrival) and 3 May (departure) for 50 euros per person. Such request must be submitted together with the team registration of each delegation.


9. Registration deadline

Entries must be sent by 23 February 2017 by email to: All team entries shall include:

  • Name of the team and the captain (email, telephone number, address)
  • Team order with names, surnames, FIDE-ID, title and FIDE rating
  • Names of accompanying persons
  • Dates of arrival/departure
  • Accommodation packages requested.


All entries shall be confirmed by the Tournament Director and rooms will be booked after a deposit payment of €150 euros per person, free of bank charges, paid to the event’s travel agency bank account (AT Holidays Ltd) within a week after the deadline of 23 February 2017. The receipt of the deposit payment must also be sent via email to the Organising Committee. The remaining balance shall be paid upon arrival and no later than the start of the 2nd round.


10. Side Events / Excursions Program (on request)

  • Excursion to Knossos, the ancient capital of Crete.
  • Tour of the archeological museum of Heraklion.

More information / Organisers Contacts

* Nikos Kalesis
FIDE International Organiser Tel. (+30) 6938326161

* Katerina Tzortzi Reservation Manager