World Youth Rapid & Blitz 2017

World Youth Rapid and Blitz Championships
for Boys and Girls U14, U16, U18
Hersonissos Crete, GREECE
27 -31 October 2017

1. Invitation & Regulations
This is the official invitation to all national chess federations of FIDE to participate in the 1st FIDE World
Youth Rapid & Blitz Chess Championships for Boys and Girls U14, U16, U18. The championships will be
held in Hersonissos, Crete (Greece) from 27 October (arrivals) to 31 October 2017 (departures).

2. Venue & Schedule

The championships will be held in the Conference Center of the 5-star “Creta Maris Beach Hotel” in
Hersonissos Crete, Greece with the following schedule:
Friday 27 October: Arrivals & Registration, 19:00 Technical Meeting
Saturday 28 October: 09:00 Opening Ceremony, 10:00 Rounds 1‐4 (Rapid Championships)
Sunday 29 October: 10:00 Rounds 5‐9 (Rapid Championships)
Monday 30 October: 10:00 Rounds 1‐9 (Blitz Championships), 17:00 Closing Ceremony
Tuesday 31 October: Departures

3. Participation
Each federation can register unlimited number of players in each of the six categories under 14, 16, and
18 (open and girls). A player must not have reached his 14th, 16th, 18th birthday, respectively, before
January 1st of the year 2017.
• A player registered in a lower category of age due to a mistake in specifying his/her birthday will have
his/her registration suspended until rectification.
• All persons, besides the players, shall be classified as Accompanying Persons.
• Access to the playing areas, venues and the hotel will be allowed only to persons accredited by the

4. Registration and Entrance Fees – Payments
For each participant/coach/accompanying person every National Chess Federation has to pay the
registration fee of 100 euro to the organizers. This fee is obligatory for all and includes registration and
accreditation badges as also transportation from Heraklion airport on the official days of arrival
and departure.
The deadline for the registration is 28 August 2017. Players should be registered through their National
Federation. Incomplete registrations will not be accepted. All players need to have a FIDE ID number.
After the registration deadline, organizers reserve the right to refuse or decline late registrations or may
impose a penalty of double entrance fees for each late registration. Late registration is possible only if
there are extenuating circumstances and subject to organizer’s acceptance. At the time of registration, a
payment of 30% of the total amount for the registration and accommodation have to be completed by
bank transfer before 28 August 2017 to the following bank account:

IBAN BANK ACCOUNT: CY74 0020 0195 0000 3570 2279 5355
The prepayment is to be received by the organizers net of any commissions charged by overseas
corresponding banks. Rest of payments shall be finalized by the arrival and the latest before the start of
the 2nd round. After 28 August, the advance payments are not refundable in case of cancellation.

5. Travel Information
The participants or each federation are responsible for their own travel expenses. The Organizing
Committee will provide transfer for all participants from Heraklion International airport, IATA CODE:
(HER) to the hotel. The transport services will be available on 27October 2017 (arrival) and 31October
2017 (departure). If the Organizing Committee is able, it will accept special requests from guests
regarding the transfer dates. The transfer cost from/to the airport is included to the registration fee.

6. Hotel and Meals
The participants and their accompanying persons shall stay in the official hotel for the championship,
Creta Maris Beach Hotel (*****). Bookings are possible only through the Organizing Committee.
Room rates for Creta Maris Beach Resort Hotel (*****), including full board (breakfast, lunch and
dinner), per person per night in euros:
€60 in a triple room €69 in a double room €89 in a single room
In case of higher availability than expected, Organizers have the option to use a second 5-star hotel,
close to the playing hall, with same rates.
The Organizing Committee will not complete hotel bookings until payments have been made to the
organizers, not later than 28 August 2017. After this date, the advance payments are not refundable in
case of cancellation.

7. Technical Regulations
The tournaments will be played using the Swiss System with 9 rounds. If a player does not have an
existing FIDE rapid or blitz rating, then his/her classical rating will be used, where applicable. The time
control for the rapid championships will be 10 minutes plus an extra 5 seconds per move increment
starting from white’s first move. The time control for the blitz championships will be 5 minutes plus an
extra 2 seconds per move increment starting from white’s first move.
Tie break criteria: a) the direct game(s) of the tied players (only if all tied have played each other),
b) buchholz cut 1,
c) buchholz,
d) the greater number of games with black (unplayed games count as white),
e) the greater number of wins.

8. Appeals Committee
The members of the Appeals Committee will be elected during the Technical Meeting, before the start
of the Championships.

9. Procedure of Submission of Appeals
• Protests against the decisions of the Chief Arbiter must be submitted in writing within 10 minutes after
the end of game or publication of pairings.
• The protest must be accompanied by the payment of the amount of 200 euros as deposit from the
appellant. The money and appeal must be given to the Chairman of the Appeals Committee. If the
appeal is granted, then this amount will be returned. If the appeal is rejected, then this deposit may be
forfeited in favor of the Organizers of the Championship. An appeal must be submitted by the player or
the head of delegation.
• The decisions of the Appeals Committee are final.

10. Prizes
Each participant will receive a certificate of participation. Special prizes may apply.
Prizes for Players of each of the 6 Playing Groups (Open and girls)
1) Title of World Champion for respective event + Cup + Medal
2) Title of Vice World Champion for respective event + Cup + Medal
3) Cup + Bronze medal

11. Parallel activities
All players can participate in the 1
st Hersonissos Open International chess tournament
28 October – 5 November 2017 (starting daily at 16:00), next to the playing hall of the European Team
Chess Championships 2017. In this case, the youth u14, u16 and u18 players may request bye(s) for any
(or all) of the first 3 rounds of the Open tournament.

12. Contact information – Registrations:
Niki Radioti – Tournament Secretariat – Email:
Nikos Kalesis – FIDE International Organizer – Tel.: (+30) 6938326161